Matthews (Sussex) Ltd & GLCT Fun Afternoon

The aim of this project was to give some families supported by Golden Lion Children’s Trust a taste of a fun in the Sussex countryside – with traditional games, no loud music, no fast rides or screen time but simply  a sense of complete freedom in the safety of the countryside, in a field next to the Blue Ship at The Haven near Billingshurst.

Matthews arranged the games and brought a vehicle WSFRS Billingshurst crew supported the event and provided the football game. Sussex Police joined the spirit of the afternoon .

The children learned new skills including French cricket and horse-shoe throwing . A great deal of concentration was needed at times but not quite so much for others .

Some took their time to enjoy a picnic and birthday cake while others played an old favourite.

The final game of skill meant a prize for the lucky winners  before it was time to set off for home.

With thanks to Larry Bray photography

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