Newick Bonfire Society Annual Parade

Newick Bonfire Society Annual Parade

Eleven GLCT helpers joined Newick Bonfire Society annual parade on Saturday 29th Oct 2016. More than 20 bonfire societies from surrounding villages (many wearing fancy dress) took part in the torchlight procession walking round Newick, accompanied by two marching brass bands and two drumming bands.


This tradition was started many years ago and is followed by many villages in the SE corner of Sussex at this time of year. It’s an accepted time for villagers and visitors to generously donate to the charities representatives walking in the parade carrying collecting buckets.


The parade is followed by the ceremonial lighting of a huge bonfire, and a magnificent firework display. The evening ends with the infamous rolling of the tar barrels down the main street – a spectacular sight with a noise level from the fire-crackers definitely not for the faint-hearted! Why not join us next year and see for yourself!


photo credit: Newick Bonfire Society Website and Flikr Account 


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