Poster Competition – Matthews Group

‘Stay Safe’ Poster Competition

When Matthews (Sussex) Ltd invited Golden Lion Children’s Trust to name a school to take part in a national art competition under the Considerate Constructors Scheme in June 2018 Manor Green College pupils were very interested.

A trip to a demolition site in South Croydon on an open-top bus to see the posters on hoarding, to spread the ‘Stay Safe’ message, meant a chance to see their own work on display.

They met the site owners who judged the posters and watched demolition machines at work making for a very exciting day.

Each pupil received a medal and a gift (jpgs 069,071,072) and the winners ((jpgs 074,077) received extra art sets.  Overall their efforts were awarded with runners up prizes in the national heats of the competition.

(jpgs 079, 067, 095)

The group were accompanied throughout by hosts Ivor Goodsite and Honor Goodsite, who provided picnic lunches on the homeward journey.

School described it as ‘a magical day’ for everyone, with many positive reactions from all the pupils involved in this special project.

With special thanks to Larry Bray Photography

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