PwC ‘Babes in the Woods’ Pantomime

PwC ‘Babes in the Woods’ Pantomime

Thank you to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ for their kind invitation for GLCT to enjoy their 36th year of producing a pantomime.  On Friday 27th Jan 2023 families from Crawley jumped onto the Turbostyle coach as daylight faded, to join with hundreds of others at Peacock Theatre, Holborn for a traditionally noisy show, with a good amount of audience participation. Reliably the GLCT group joined in with much enthusiasm!

Some very weary people waited for the coach after the show.

PwC aim with this amazing annual event “to provide a magical theatre experience to children from inner cities and charities”. From the comments in the GLCT group they certainly achieved that!

An extra treat for many in the GLCT group was the chance to see the sights and amazing lights of London at night – the first time most of the children and many of the adults had visited our colourful capitol.

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