GLCT Bluebell Railway ‘Santa Special’ Treat

GLCT Bluebell Railway ‘Santa Special’ Treat

Take one steam locomotive and invite nine special needs schools from Sussex to bring 300 children and staff for a morning on the ‘Santa Special’.

To this plan add a good mix of entertainers: Chris the strolling musician; Jamie and his modelling balloons; Louise and her hand-painting; Magic Martin and Nicky; and a happy helping of Charlie the Clown. And always add a portion of Santa Claus with a good quantity of presents.

Stir in a generous grant from Sussex Community Foundation and blend with a donation from the Gatwick Airport Community Trust, together with the help and support of the staff at the Bluebell Railway, Sheffield Park.

Sprinkle in thirty GLCT helpers with different skills and talents and keep fingers tightly crossed for fine weather.

Allowing this mixture to mature over three months meant the whole treat was ready to be enjoyed on the morning of Tuesday 3rd December 2013.

The result was a traditional Golden Lion Children’s Trust treat  …. once sampled, not forgotten!

Just ask the children, their carers and everyone involved in the mix. A recipe is as good as any Christmas pudding …… the many smiles were the proof!


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