GLCT visit Cineworld Crawley

GLCT visit Cineworld Crawley

Gradually as covid fears eased things slowly returned to pre-covid ways. Schools were keen to enjoy GLCT projects once again and on 18th February 2022 a total of 90 pupils plus staff from Manor Green Primary enjoyed a morning watching ‘Sing 2’ with the help of the Cineworld Crawley team.

Careful plans were in place with the children staying in their class ‘bubble’ – the older ones sitting at the back of the auditorium down to the youngest near the front. The children had chosen the film they wanted to see and everyone really enjoyed the morning.

As life after covid largely settled in schools, once again Cineworld Crawley team made GLCT welcome on 4th July 2022 when pupils from Woodlands Meed, Burgess Hill and Manor Green Primary, Ifield chose to see ‘Minions – The Rise of Gru’.

For many children these trips arranged by GLCT for schools are the first time they will have enjoyed the cinema. Relaxed screenings (where the volume is not as loud as in normal screenings, and the lighting is less dark) really help children with special needs become used to cinema and enjoy the experience. Plus the storylines encourage some children to read or be read to, and can often be used in lessons, such as drama or art. 

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